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Antique Beer Photos:

Dozens of prints available in a variety of sizes up to 40x50.

Articles by Carl Miller

Gottfried Krueger: Epitome of a German-American Brewer
“German immigrant brewers perfected a uniquely American version of lager beer—a light, effervescent, golden brew that would capture the nation's palate and build great fortunes for its makers.”

Rise of the Beer Barons
“As the never-ending stream of European immigration continued to flow, beer-making dynasties were being forged in virtually every city in America. Almost exclusively, Germans were at the helm.”

Beer and Television: Perfectly Tuned In
“Television offered beermakers something tremendously valuable and unique: the ability to target the beer drinker right at the barstool.”

We Want Beer: Prohibition And The Will To Imbibe - Part 1
“John Barleycorn was fouly murdered and his body found in the backyard of legislation.”

We Want Beer: Prohibition And The Will To Imbibe - Part 2
“Raucous crowds downed an amazing 1.5 million barrels of beer during the first 24 hours that beer was back.”

The Carling Darling

Fine Brews Made in Steubenville

What A Diehl!

Breweries Once Flourished in Portsmouth

Marion Brewery Made "Best Beer In The World"


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